1 1/4"" Mounting Hole 

These heavy duty Bulkhead Fittings can be used on rain barrels, aquariums, flexible or rigid pond liners or anywhere you need to make a dependable, watertight seal through a solid surface.  These are ideal when installing a biological filter system for your pond.

These Polypropylene bulk head tank fittings have the following features:

- Left hand external threads so they will never loosen when you attach your spigot or other fittings

- Internal Female Pipe Threads (FPT) go all the way through

- Can be used on any wall thickness from 1/16" to 1/2"

- 2 washers: an EPDM sealing washer and a Polyethylene friction washer to ensure a watertight seal

Are you designing or building a biological filter system for your pond?  Many people who are installing a Skippy type filter require affordable bulkhead fittings.  Look no further!

The single best way to connect a garden hose, soaker hose, spigot, or anything else to a rain barrel is to use a bulkhead fitting. A what? Yep, that is what I said the first time I ran across one of these. Bulkhead fittings are used in aquariums, pond liners, or on any tank wall that needs a hose or pipe passed through it. They are designed to give a watertight seal and will not leak, even under pressure. A bulkhead fitting usually has 2 washers, a sealing washer and a friction washer. One goes inside the rain barrel and one goes outside the rain barrel for a good double-whammy against leaks. They either have internal slip fittings or threaded fittings, depending on what you are trying to pass through the the tank wall. For my rain barrels I use the bulkhead fittings that are threaded inside. A 3/4" spigot or hose bibb can be threaded directly into a 3/4" threaded bulkhead fitting and will not leak. The bulkhead fitting can be purchased inexpensively and will outlast your barrel. They are available in most common sizes from 1/2" up to 3" (for those really big projects).

The cost savings using PVC parts over a bulkhead fitting is very minimal. You will probably spend $2-$4 for PVC parts, washers and caulk and can do it the right way with a bulkhead fitting for around $5.