StemLock - Leaf-Shaped Plant Climbing Artifact Fixing Clip


Guide The Growth Of Your Beautiful Plant Vines

  • Create a beautiful plant mural in your home with the StemLock.
  • Our amazing StemLock lets you arrange and mount plant vines wherever you like.
  • With its adhesive backing, the StemLock is perfect for mounting on walls and other solid materials.
  • This also aids in healthier plant growth, especially if you’re growing your vine plants indoors.

Key Benefits

Easy Assembly - This handy StemLock comes with a peel-off adhesive for easy mounting. The adhesive is strong enough to hold up vines and leave them mounted on your walls.

Cute Design - Our amazing StemLock is designed just like a leaf. This way, you can stay on theme while adding color to your plain walls.

Multipurpose Use - Not only is the StemLock good for plants, it’s great to use with wires as well. It’s a good tool for organizing other items like keys, earphones, chargers, and more.

Durable Material - The StemLock is made with sturdy yet lightweight material. This can last for years of use!

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